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SMTube Documents

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1. SMTube_Brochure


2. Appraisal of SMTube


3. Technical Report


4. Movie : How to Use



5. Qualifications

・ISO 13485:2003, ENISO13485:2012 certified
・Medical devices manufacturer licensed by MHLW Japan
・MHLW third-class medical devices marketing authorization holder
・FDA registration


6. Application of SMTube

The advantage of SMTube is its swiftness and handiness in measuring tear volume without requiring special equipments. For this reason, SMTube is suitable for the first screening test of dry eye diagnosis, to differentiate true ADDE (Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye) from EDE (Evaporative Dry Eye). The applicable circumstance of exploiting the advantage of SMTube is not only for dry eye diagnosis. It can be applied not only as a “short-time” and “minimally invasive” tear volume measurement, but it can also be applied as a convenient tool for various purposes required in various clinical sites and researches.

1. Screening of a number of subjects such as group health checkup. (Ishikawa 2016)

2. Examining the amount of tears before and after a certain treatment and medication. (Ibrahim 2012, Kojima 2014, Okura 2015)

3. Monitoring the time-series variation of the tear volume, which is repeated multiple times in relatively shor time. (Kojima 2011, Hirayama 2013, Sano 2015)

4. It is also suitable for tear volume evaluation in pediatrics, owing to its minimal invasiveness.


7. List of peer-reviewed papers