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Shirakawa Factory



A novel method

on tear function tests



Just 5 seconds diagnosis!



・ISO 13485:2003, ENISO13485:2012 certified
・Medical devices manufacturer licensed by MHLW Japan
・MHLW third-class medical devices marketing authorization holder
・FDA registration


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We have the accumulated experience and technical development over 30 years on composite processing of various adhesive materials. Based on the application of those knowledge, we now come out with a medical device devoted to a simple, swift and non-invasive lacrimal function tests: "Strip Meniscometry Tube" (SMTube).


The SMTube enables very quick (5 seconds) examination with minimized pain in eyes. Dry eye syndrome is a considerable ocular disorder causing a decreased visual function and a visual discomfort, which may eventually lead to keratic and conjunctival diseases. 


< How to Use > 


①Immerse a tip of the SMTube gently
into a tear meniscus for 5s.


②The SMTube scores the tear amount
through its colored length within the tube.





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