Head office
19 Akabane, Kogami, Kawamata-machi, Date-gun,
Fukushima 960-1407, JAPAN
Shirakawa factory
1-2 Shinnatunashi, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima 961-0024, JAPAN
Tokyo office
6-24-14 Umeda, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0851, JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3880-0455

Shirakawa Factory

Our profession origianlly is industrial cutting, slitting, and punching of adhesives with conbination of "any" materials. 

In terms of mass-production technology, our new diagnosic medical device "Strip Meniscometry Tube (SMTube)" is also based on the same technology which we have been developoing over many years. Since we entered into manufacturing of Medical Devices, we are planning to pursue creating a lot more of medical devices especially in the field of ophthalmology, with the technology which we have been builiding for more than half century.